September 2, 2011

New Life for the Living Room: Part 453

Welllll... maybe not quite Part 453, but the living room project has dragged on for awhile. So far, Dave and I had painted the walls tones of greige with Benjamin Moore's Grant Beige and Berkshire Beige and repainted the trim with Behr's crisp white Swiss Coffee. We rearranged furniture {Is that really anything new? Not in this house.} and shopped for some new accessories. We conquered the corner fireplace curse and installed a new cable outlet for the TV where the huge beastly bookcase had been. And I painted a lovely pair of tall bookcases to fit the new look of the room. With some finishing touches that you can read about here, the living room was almost complete. What was left to do?

I'll give you a hint.

See the sofa table the TV rests on? It sticks out like a sore thumb sandwiched between the Dark Cavern bookcases. Obviously, I had to paint it.

So like most of my projects, I decided to dive in while Dave was at work, the baby was napping, and the older three kids were knees deep in LEGOs. I care-full-y eased Dave's baby the TV down to the safety of the living room carpet and dragged the sofa table down the stairs and out to the garage like a wild beast with its fresh kill. A coat of primer and two coats of Dark Cavern quickly converted the sofa table into a suitable match for the bookcases, but something had to be done about those reddish baskets that tucked neatly into the bottom.

A quick couple coats of spray paint turned the baskets into a better match for the darker sofa table.

I allowed the table and baskets to dry in the garage overnight and then wised up and sweet talked Dave into lugging them back to the living room.

Much better! {The TV could do without all the fingerprints, I guess.}

So what started with painting the walls and rearranging furniture spurred a whole slew of projects. I like the living room better now.

Of course, since no project is ever really finished in this home, I have a feeling there are more changes to come - like a couple new throw pillows for the brown chair, and baskets of some sort for the bottom of the bookcases, and maybe a piano makeover... It really never ends, does it?


  1. I wish I had your zest & skill at spray painting... I'm just a moron and a procrastinator and I ALWAYS ALWAYS mess it up by not letting it dry long enough! Like the new look!

  2. Thank you! Spray paint is handy but not my favorite. I use a brush for a lot of things that could be sprayed.


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