September 5, 2011

Reader Rooms

By now you know how much I love to organize, decorate, and tweak my own home to make it a place where I love to live, so it makes perfect sense that I love to help others in their own homes, too. Family members, friends, friends of family, friends of friends, and even blog readers who I've never met ask for advice with paint colors, painting cabinets, selecting bedding, arranging rooms, the perfect lamp, etc. and you better believe I love to give it! I often work with W Design readers through email, putting together pictures pulled from the web for inspiration and writing up a kind of how-to guide with tips to work some magic in their own homes.

As much as I enjoy scouring the internet for inspiration rooms and the perfect rug to match with the perfect drapes and accessories to tie the whole thing together, my absolute favorite part about helping other people is when I get to go into their homes and see their spaces first hand. I get to see not only every problem area but also every potential. I get to spend time in the space we're about to transform and find what each home owner wants to evoke in a room. Living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms, kids' rooms, kitchens, entryways, and even bathrooms are all my favorite rooms because no matter how small the changes seem, I get to help someone else love where they live.

I'm excited to share some of my readers' makeovers with you; Reader Rooms, I'll call them.

Inspiration stems not just from my own home, after all. More than once in someone else's house, the stars have aligned and a light bulb goes off over my head, and I think, "I'm totally doing this at my house!" I'll share each reader's story, our plan and process, and, of course, pictures! I hope you'll have your own "Aha!" moments as we explore the real homes of other people. I love that my blog has been a vehicle to express my love of decorating and driven me to new, challenging areas of the decorating world. I am so flattered every time I'm asked for help, and I always look forward to a new project. 

If you'd like help with a space in your home, click the "Contact" tab at the top of the blog. I love to hear from readers!

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