May 31, 2011

Back to the Bookcases

Having discovered a whole new arrangement for the living room complete with a brand-spanking new T.V. viewing spot {and cold air return!}, the family had been settling in for some prime time action with Tangled  and How to Train Your Dragon. Something that didn't settle quite right with me, however, was the black hole syndrome from the bookcases flanking the television.

Remember when I painted them? They went from oak to Dark Cavern, and I loved the more modern effect. Too much Dark Cavern, it turns out, can be a bad thing, especially when the bookcases embody literal caverns swallowing up everything I'd carefully placed on the shelves. Time for a change.

I'd picked up a few new throw pillows from Home Goods, and one of them reminded me a little bit of the painted wallpaper in the girls' room.

Roy digs the new pillows.

What to do? You guessed it: I unearthed my trusty template and pencil and set to work "wallpapering" the bookcases.

Two bookcases traced and painted took a couple hours on a rainy Sunday evening. The results?

Eye-popping, for sure, but not my favorite. I couldn't exactly put my finger on what I didn't like about the painted wallpaper on the bookcases when I loved it in the girls' room and the same design on the new throw pillow. The closest I can come up with to describe my feelings is that it felt a little bit Gothic. That certainly wouldn't do; it was back to the drawing board. Dave and I really liked the new hues of blue added to the living room from the new piece of artwork hanging over the couch, and I decided to go a softer route and give blue on the bookcases a go.

Drawing from the new artwork for inspiration.

I rummaged through our extra paint {we have lots.... surprise, surprise} until I found some leftover Pensive Sky, which happens to be one shade lighter than Rhino by Behr. Two quick coats on the bookcases, and voila!

The bookcases were softer {not Goth!} and prettier and welcome to the party. Filling them up with our favorite things made them even more attractive.

Our books, pictures, and other delights popped against Behr's Pensive Sky, and the bookcases were back in business. The living room was one step closer to being just right.

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