October 4, 2010

Stowing Your Stuff With Style

It happens all the time. People complain, "I don't have a good system for storing _______" and "I'm tired of seeing all of the _______ all over the place." You fill in the blanks. We all have stuff to store, whether it's photos, crafting supplies, dog treats, DVDs, Tommy's toys - you name it. The challenge is not only finding a place to store your stuff but also to do it with style. Like Oprah says, "Your home should rise up to meet you" - I believe that pertains to every aspect of your home, storage systems and all.

One of the most common storage solutions is plastic stacking bins, like this one from Target.
Although the price is great and the drawers do keep items separate and contained, it's not the most attractive solution.

A lot of parents have turned to toy organizers like this option from Target.
The 12-bin organizer does allow for storage, but again, it's not the greatest looking item in your home. Not to mention, I hear moms and dads complain all the time about how it's way more fun for their little tykes to take each bin, one at a time, and dump them onto the floor. Nice try, Target.

Enter Ikea. Ikea's take on storage is a line they've dubbed Trofast, and it's a better version of the 12-bin organizing system from Target. Some people love the Trofast system. Admittedly, Ikea has done a good job with providing several pieces, allowing customers to mix and match for their individual space. However, the bins are still plastic and buying several components can be pricey.
The Trofast system does work for some {and I have seen people make it work in attractive ways}, but it still wasn't up my alley.

So having four kids with toys forced me to be creative with storage. And while it seems there are plenty of {plastic!} systems available, none of them scream "Lovely!" to me. Making your home beautiful often requires thinking outside of the box, but in this case it turns out that a box is exactly what I needed to be thinking of. Are you ready for my grand solution? It's something we all have and something available for not a lot of money {if you shop wisely}. Ta-Da! It's the dresser.

Sure, it holds clothes, but why stop there? Lots of sturdy drawers provide a great way to store your toys, photos, crafts, you fill in the blank. And no plastic! And it's a paintable option! I could go on and on. Maybe the best part is that it's cheap - much cheaper than some of the plastic options. Dressers are readily available at yard sales and secondhand shops. Every time I stop at Goodwill I peruse the furniture section, and there are usually dressers available for $50 or less. In fact, I wouldn't pay more than $50 or $60 for a dresser. The dresser we keep in Charlie's room came from my childhood bedroom. It was originally stained oak {which you all know I'm so fond of}. Since it came to live at our house, the dresser has been painted white, blue, and now red. It doesn't matter what state the finish is in. As long as it's sturdy, it'll work. And it's easy to change the appearance. The outside can be painted and the knobs replaced for less than the cost of buying all those plastic Trofast tubs. But enough rambling; let me show you how I've used a dresser in Charlie's room to keep his toys together.

One drawer holds Charlie's mega collection of Tinker Toys {probably the best toy we've ever bought}.

Trains and tracks sit in another drawer.

Our Quadrilla marble run takes up two drawers, tracks in one
and chutes and marbles stay in another.

Automoblox cars and their pieces are kept in a different drawer.

Everything is tucked away but still easily accessable. Charlie {and unfortunately for him, each one of his sisters} knows where each toy collection goes and can grab whatever he wants to play with and return it to its spot with ease.

A dresser or chest of drawers would look lovely in a living room or that right spot in the kitchen or bathroom, as well. Sturdy drawers that a dresser provides are perfect for DVDs, pictures, crafts, sewing fabric, kids' art supplies, etc.

If you still aren't convinced of the wonders of the dresser, let me leave you with this. When you walk into your kid's room, which of these would you rather be met with:

Plastic Containers in the Primary Colors Selection

or Real Furniture?

Do I even have to ask?

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