August 25, 2011

Hello, Hello!

Almost two months have flown by, yes flown by, since my last post! The sun is starting to set on summer, and it has been a great one.

Pure joy!

Swimming lessons, summer school, and T-ball for the kids have mingled with a family wedding, two family reunions, trips to the beach, weekend getaways, a Pirate and Princess birthday party for Greta, Charlie, and Frankie, and lots of projects around the house.

One tired Beach Baby

We're crossing the items off the school supply lists and gearing up to send Greta to first grade and Charlie to kindergarten as a new season approaches. It's time to get back into the groove of a new school year and back into a new season of blogging.

What have I been working on? A ton of projects! I finished up my living room makeover {can't wait to share!}. Dave and I tackled our nasty garage and gave it a whole new look just in time to throw a huge party for our August birthday kids. We've given the master bedroom a fresh new look, and we have a big surprise in store for our oldest daughter {shhhhh!}.

We've also spent a ton of time making memories. The training wheels came off Greta's and Charlie's bikes, and Frankie got her very own rockin' new set of wheels. Louisa started walking and is a nonstop smiling machine. Dave and I were able to sneak away to our favorite restaurant and vineyard quite a few times and celebrated nine wonderful years of marriage.

Cheers to nine years of marriage to my soul mate!
One of our favorite days of summer was the day we welcomed a new member to the family; my brother married the love of his life in July, and the whole day was beautiful.

At my brother's wedding - Dave and I look like we're going to prom!

We topped off the evening with a flash mob that I helped coordinate {YES!}. We stole the choreography from a video on You Tube and ran with it. The garage became Flash Mob Central, and everyone from the mother of the bride to three-year-old Frankie learned the dance. {Confession: I still practice the dance. I can't stop.}

With summer winding down, I'm excited for cozy days inside and grab-a-sweater kind of weather. I hope your summer has been just as kind to you.

I'm wrapping up this post with the video of our wedding dance flash mob - I had to share! I'm in the middle wearing the silver dress and black heels which, unfortunately, look quite green in the video. I'm fully addicted and want to do another one - watch out! "I came to dance, dance, dance, dance...."

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