September 13, 2011

Bored With the Bedroom

Note: The title does not read "Bored IN the Bedroom." It clearly states "with."

Now that we've cleared the air on that, I can freely share my bedroom woes.

Our master bedroom takes up nearly half of our recently remodeled basement. When we designed the space, our wish list included a bathroom, a walk in closet, and a good amount of space to call our own - a retreat. Four kids warrants having a retreat room, you know.

While our bedroom met everything on our wish list structurally, it wasn't fitting the retreat part of the bill. I was feeling bored, not at all inspired or like I was in a haven of rest. Dave and I recently decided to turn a corner of the master bedroom into a home office, so I definitely needed to work on the inspired part. A cool blue on the walls paired with the brown and blue bedding felt outdated and blah.

Did you catch that the arrangement on the
shelf above the bed spells "OWL"? Who did that??
We knew we'd like new bedding and new color on the walls, and we wanted the room to feel cozy, maybe a bit modern, and of course, like a retreat. And remember that we were looking forward to a new office space, too, so professional? Creative? The list of criteria had grown to include: cozy, modern, retreat, professional, and creative - that's a tall order.

We have a beautiful tree outside our bedroom window. When the drapes are open in the summer, we look out and just see sky and leaves.

It's so peaceful to lay in bed and look at the leaves, and I tried to keep that peaceful feeling in mind while I searched for inspiration.

I stalked all my usual hot spots: favorite blogs, decorating magazines, and catalogs. I dog earred pages and bookmarked any contenders. Time and time again, I kept returning to Pottery Barn's Fern Organic Duvet Cover.

Image Via

Image Via

To look at it almost made me say, "Ahhhhh". It was refreshing yet cozy, vibrant yet calm. I liked it. Dave liked it. I ordered it. Bedding is a great place to start when you're decorating a bedroom, and it felt great to have found our starting point.

With the new bedding, we had managed to bring a little bit of the outside in. 

Most mornings I make the bed. I like clean lines and the tidy look of a bed that's put together.

But some mornings, I can't bring myself to make the bed - it's too cozy. Those days, I want to crawl back into bed as soon as I enter the room.

Earthy, modern, calming, and cozy - the bedroom was on the right track.


  1. Isn't it amazing how bedding can do that to you... oh, I just want to crawl back in there! Are you going to show your new office space too?

  2. Me, too! And yes, the new office space is on my list!


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