September 14, 2011

Bored With the Bedroom - The Paint

With new bedding on the bed, Step 2 in the Master Bedroom Makeover was to select new paint for the walls. The current shade of blah, blah blue wasn't going to cut it.

New bedding, old wall color.
With green in the new bedding, my first thought was a new shade of blue for the walls - foliage and sky, maybe? I don't know, but I ran with the idea. I quickly selected a light blue that reminded me of the open sky: Quicksilver by Sherwin-Williams, and two gallons later, the room was much lighter.

Quicksilver on the walls made for a much lighter room.
I wasn't so sure about it.... Dave, on the other hand, was sure - sure that he hated it. Back to the drawing board. This time we {mostly me, but Dave, too} spent a ton more time pouring over paint chips. I'd lay the front runners on the new bedding, and we'd weed out anything that seemed too light, too dark, too green, too boring, too anything but the right choice.

We loved our duvet mixed with dark brown sheets and a crisp white coverlet and decided to take our cue from that whole ensemble. Our trim already accounted for the white factor; maybe we should steer our paint choices toward tones of brown or greige.

About that time, I stumbled on this little number, Gray Area by Sherwin-Williams.

Bingo! I kept the paint chip on my nightstand for weeks, mostly because I was too busy to paint, but also to ensure that I loved the color. And being able to throw the paint chip on the bed on sunny days, rainy days, in lamp light, candlelight {Back it up! TMI!} ensured that we really did love the color.

In spending so much time getting to know Gray Area, I started to get warm fuzzy feelings toward his deeper, darker, and also very attractive close friend, Adaptive Shade. {Who thinks of these names over at Sherwin-Williams? Gray Area and Adaptive Shade are not very creative. Good thing they have their looks going for them.}

Adaptive Shade happens to live on the same paint chip as Gray Area - an excellent indicator that they work and play well together.

What if, I thought, we painted Adaptive Shade on the wall behind the bed as kind of a focal point and Gray Area on the other three walls? Bingo again! I picked up the paint, and working together, we put our plan into action.

Sherwin-Williams Adaptive Shade behind
the bed creates a darker focal point for the room.

Gray Area meets Adaptive Shade.

The grayish-brown on the walls gives off an earthy {yet modern, we think} feel to the room. Plus it matches our old drapes. Yay for not having to shop for those!  

We're really digging the new color on the walls mixed with bright white trim, and green and white in the bedding. It's cozy. This makeover was making progress.


  1. Woo-hoo, I like, I like! I want to work for paint companies just naming the shades... they all do a poor job at it ;)

  2. I agree - beautiful colors but boring names. Live a little, Sherwin-Williams!!


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