September 7, 2011

Don't Leaf Me Behind

During the school year, we have a family ritual of driving the school-going kids to school every morning, either Dave or I will walk them to their classrooms, and sometimes, we'll swing by our favorite coffee shop, The Hazelnut Tree, on our way home for coffees, hot chocolates, and yummy breakfast treats. While the staff whips up our drinks, I love to browse through the selection of candles, home decor, jewelry, and artwork for sale at the shop. We just so happened to swing by today, and lo and behold, I spied a set of gorgeous glittery leaves hanging in the front window. I'd seen them around this same time last year, but by the time I got around to stopping by to check them out, they were out of the window; they had been sold. I had been leafed out. {Get it? "Leaf"ed out?!} I was wasting no time this year; I had a gift card to The Hazelnut Tree that someone had gifted me for helping with a decorating project, and I knew these leaves were coming home with me - today!

Insert excited dance here: The leaves are in the house!

Unwrapped and ready to sparkle!

The sparkly leaves now hang in my window, not The Hazelnut Tree's! {Well, technically the same leaves still hang at The Hazelnut Tree. Mine were just taken from their supply of extras.}


I slipped some fishing line through the loops on top of the leaves and around the curtain rod above the windows so the glittery foliage seems to float. Raffia ribbon or twine could replace the fishing wire to add a pretty spin on the project, too.

Such a simple way to add a little shine to the season. Happy Fall!


  1. So pretty! Looks so nice in the window too!! Love this time of year!!

  2. Thanks Renee! I love fall, too - my favorite season, I think! :)


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