March 31, 2011

My Favorite Things: I Spy Bags!

Soccer practice, church, the waiting room at the dentist's office, the car, Mom on the phone with a friend for "a really long time" - sound familiar? We've all been there. Most likely, we're there a lot: an environment where we expect our little ones to wait quietly and patiently, sometimes for a really long time! Video games and iPhones and MP3 players are super duper handy for keeping kids occupied, but sometimes I feel like they've had enough technology for one day {or week}, and I'd rather they have something to do that doesn't require batteries. In our house, we've had brilliant luck with I Spy Bags, and we love the ones made by Those Greathouse Women on Etsy.

Greta spies for treasures buried in this sweet cupcake.

Charlie searches inside a rocket for hidden trinkets.

What are I Spy Bags? I Spy Bags are all the fun of the time-honored game of "I Spy" in a soft, handheld bean bag containing all sorts of trinkets to find. The I Spy Bag has a clear vinyl window on one side, allowing users to hunt for the treasures hidden amongst non-toxic polypropylene pellets. The back of the I Spy Bag holds a list of the trinkets to find inside.

All I Spy Bags from Those Greathouse Women are handmade in their studio; the seams of their I Spy Bags are double stitched and glued to keep the bags sealed. I Spy Bags are not recommended for children younger than three.


Perfect for that little {or big!} guy in your life!

A number of shops and sellers make their own versions of I Spy Bags, but I've fallen in love with the attention to detail and absolutely darling products crafted by Those Greathouse Women. With Easter around the corner, these adorable bags could hop right into every Easter basket.

This week, Those Greathouse Women have offered 10% off your order with code "11SpringFever11". Happy shopping!

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