March 21, 2011

The Judges' Save

Is it cause for alarm if your family room goes from looking like this:

to looking like this?

Not if it turns out like this:

Dave and I spent a couple nights extending Berkshire Beige from the hallway leading into our basement to the wall behind our bar and Texas Leather to the other three walls of our lower level family room while watching American Idol. A couple hours on a couple nights gave us a whole new look for our space. We painted. And we listened to future rock stars jiving to their favorite songs. And we created a better flow to our home by bringing the upstair's color palette into our downstairs living area. And we debated whether Pia or James or Casey or Paul would be the next American Idol. If we were judging something, we would have used the Judges' Save to rescue the downstairs. But those throw pillows might not make the cut. Rock on.


  1. Love the new color -- even better in person :) I'm still amazed that you change a whole room...on a random Wednesday night. :)

  2. Thanks Laura. Perhaps I can twist your arm to go shopping for throw pillows.... :)

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