April 5, 2011

Rome was Not Built in a Day, Nor was My Dresser Found as Quickly

I have been searching for months {months!} for a small dresser for an entryway makeover project I've been working on. We near a Goodwill, and I shriek, "Stop! Let me go in and see if they have a dresser." They didn't. For five months, not one of the four Goodwills, thrift stores or garage sales I've been to has had my dream dresser. I know full well that I could go into any furniture store any day of the week and have my pick of dream dressers, but I'm too frugal for that. I knew that if I was patient, my day - and my dresser - would come. Friends, it came.

The girls and I had dropped Charlie off at a birthday party a couple Fridays ago and were just about home when I saw it. "What is that? What is that? WHAT IS THAT?!" Greta thought I must have spotted a deer or a skunk or some kind of vicious animal for the amount of commotion I was creating, but there was no vicious animal in sight. Instead, at the end of my good friend Emeigh's driveway was my dresser. She was all alone sitting in the sun {the dresser, not Emeigh}. Emeigh was sitting in the sun, too, visiting her mother in Arizona, but I knew that her husband was home. How did I know that? Only because I saw him outside on the second and third time I circled the house to make sure that my eyes had not been deceived. I pulled up next to Emeigh's side yard like a lunatic and proceeded to ask her husband, "Are you guys getting rid of that dresser? Why? Why? Why?" He said I could have it and I could paint it. And then I texted Emeigh: "You're getting rid of that dresser? Why?" Emeigh also said I could have it and that I could paint it.

I called Dave at work and told him asked if he'd mind picking up my glorious find on his way home. Less than three hours later, my perfect dresser was sitting in the garage. And that's how it happened. I still get tingly thinking about it.

Absolute perfection! Thanks Emeigh!
Stay tuned to see her makeover and her new home. I'm pretty much in love.

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