March 25, 2011

Does This Belong To You?

Excuse me, does this belong to you?


Did you hang this on your wall in 2001 and promptly forget about it? Did you hang it up with the intention to leave it there until you move to a new home {and you have no intention to move to a new home}? Maybe you dust it once in a while, but do you really love it? {How do you dust one of these, anyways?} Does it make you smile when you walk by? Does it have a real, purposeful place in your home?

If you love it, it can stay. If you don't, take it down. Remember this? Too often, we are guilty both of putting too much on display and displaying items that we do not love.

Have you been fighting the clutter in your home? I have. I've removed this physical clutter and more that took up valuable space in my home, and I've been amazed at the mental clarity that simple task brought. How have you decluttered in an effort to love where you live?

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