January 24, 2011

Kicking Butt and Taking Names

"Take a careful look at your home and strip away anything that doesn't fit your style. Don't be afraid of a bare wall or an empty shelf. Let it be lonely for a little bit while you figure out what you'd love to see there. When your home gets to show only the items you truly love, your home gets to show you, and it becomes a place you love to be."

Who said that? Oh, that's right - I did. Remember that little conversation? It started out as an attack against clutter and ended with a challenge.

This year I have committed to getting serious about loving where I live. It means taking a close look at what's on the walls and what's on the shelves. Does it serve a purpose? Do I love it?

Turns out, I've been holding on to my own little collection of meaningless stuff. I took a self guided tour around my home the other day and found some sketchy items that I believe don't deserve to live where I do. The suspects in question have become space fillers that don't paint a picture of my family and who we are. Ready for the photo lineup?

1.  First up is a tall slender pair, accused of holding me to a wine theme.

A collection of wine corks and fake grapes have lived in these hurricane vases for far too long. I set them out long ago and said "Sayonara," never stopping to reassess their value every so often. Do I still love them? No. {As a side note: I think I just scolded my mom for having fake fruit in her home the other day. Oops!}

2.  Next is this wine country motif platter.

I did love it.... six years ago when we purchased it at that fun little winery in Door County. But not anymore.

3.  Guilty of a similar offense is the platter's sister, the wine country motif pitcher.

It matches the platter, but not in a good way. Goodbye.

4. Rounding out the wine theme offenders is this decorative wine box that has sat atop the china cupboard for far too long.

It has served me well in collecting dust and, um, that's about it.

5.  The last offender on my list is this rooster.

He landed on the cupboard above the fridge shortly after we bought the house {over six years ago!}. I loved him then, but I don't anymore.

So who was found guilty? Me! I'm the one who allowed these felons to abide in my home for far too long. They've worn out their welcome, and I'm kicking them out.

What have you parted with lately?

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