January 25, 2011

Showing Off (Just a Little)

I am today, anyway!

What do I love almost as much as completing a project that makes my home a little more lovely? Reading about other people's fabulous home transformations!

Roeshel at The DIY Show Off loves a good project, too. She's done some fabulous transformations to her own home, and she loves to show off what other bloggers are doing, as well. So not only do you get to read about what Roeshel is up to, but also what tons of other talented DIYers are doing in their own homes! 

Today I got to join in on the fun; a few of my very own completed projects are featured on Roeshel's blog. If you're visiting from The DIY Show Off, welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

Read more about the kitchen transformation.

Here's more about the girls' closet renovation and bedroom makeover.

And here you can read about our home theater project.

Stop by The DIY Show Off, and be sure to check out the amazing talent of Roeshel and all of the other wonderful bloggers she's featured.

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