November 17, 2010

The Girls' Closet: Tragedy Overcome

Several big sighs of relief could be heard around here this past week. The girls' big closet project is complete, finally!

What's been happening at our house? First, we removed everything from the closet our three daughters share. With the closet bare, I gave the walls a coat of paint. Closets love paint, too, you know. Next, my wonderful husband pieced the closet back together following a plan suited just for the girls' needs. Then, after carefully going through each item of clothing and deciding what should stay and what should go, I got to put the chosen winners in their new home. And finally, lots and lots of stress was lifted from this momma, knowing that we had a good system in place for three girls' worth of clothing. Yay!

Before I can show you the final product, I think we must go back to the beginning. Remember this?

It was a disaster. See that tower going up the middle of the closet? It served no real purpose and wasted a lot of room. Knowing that space is limited with three girls sharing a room, we wanted to make every inch of the closet work.

Greta, Frankie, and Lou Lou share a dresser containing socks, tights, undies, and PJs. Leaving it out in the room would take away from play and study areas, so we decided to incorporate it into our closet design. We made the dresser the centerpiece with four rods for shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, and dance outfits around it. New shelving for shoes under the bottom clothing rods and at the top of the closet for storage completed the plan.

How did it turn out? The magic lies behind the curtains!

A few years ago, we removed the old clunky closet doors and replaced them
with curtains for easier access to the closet's contents.

Ta Da!

Frankie's clothes hang on top of Greta's, with storage for shoes underneath.

Dance outfits and extra hangers rest above Lou's clothes with more shoe storage below.

The chest of drawers sits in the middle of the closet, serving as both a functional piece
and a place to display prized possessions {plus diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream!}.


And more shoes!

Now the closet falls under the old "A place for everything, and everything in its place" saying. Plus, with that beautiful paint as a backdrop and a place for pretty things, it boasts function and fashion.

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