January 11, 2011

Bathroom Redo - Part One

You know by now how I love white trim, white cabinets, white pretty much anything. Soon after we moved into our home, we painted every last bit of trim, every cabinet, and all of the wainscoting white, including all of the wood in the main bathroom upstairs. Though the white was a billion times better than the old, outdated stained oak, the bathroom still didn't make me swoon.

To start, the bathroom has white tile, and white cabinets on white trim on white tile is a lot of white. Then there was the strange little counter that extended from the vanity and over the toilet. Not my style.

Besides that, the bathroom possessed the ugliest tile backsplash I'd ever seen. The grayish-cream topped with dark orange just didn't do it for me.

So much white!

A new look for the bathroom had been on my mind for awhile, and I had thought about repainting the cabinets but had never been struck with the perfect inspiration....until now.

Enter the new Restoration Hardware Annual Bath Event catalog. Pages 22-23 depict the most delicious vanity ever: the French Empire Vanity Sink in antiqued black finish.

Image taken from here.

I loved everything about it except for the sale price of $1359; that's just a wee bit over my budget. Okay Restoration Hardware, I may not be able to purchase your fancy shmancy vanity, but I can give my own a makeover.

Want to see my bathroom's current state? It's not quite as pretty as Restoration Hardware's - yet.

No more strange counter over the toilet!

White cabinets transformed to black with a couple {so far} coats of dark, dark, brownish-black.

Ugliest tile ever? It's gone!
I painted the cabinets before we removed every last bit of tile.
You can see the color the cabinets used to be before they were white.

A new counter is in the works as is new tile and paint. A lot of work in exchange for a bathroom we'll love? I'll take that. I'm so excited to be on the path to a better bathroom. No Restoration Hardware vanity here, but I'm determined to love what I have and make it work for us.

What have you been inspired to update lately?

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