January 19, 2011

The To-Do List

It's the dead of winter, and I'm getting that itch - the one that makes me want to start a bajillion new projects in my home.

We've already started the bathroom project. After we painted the cabinets and tore out the old tile backsplash, we still have a new counter, a new backsplash, new paint, and new flooring ahead of us.

Lots more work ahead of us to put this bad boy back together.

You'd think it would be enough of a headache to have the bathroom torn apart, but once I start one project and see the sweet reward of a little hard work, I typically get on a roll {much to my husband's delight}.

What's next? Well, for starters, the walls throughout our upstairs currently look like this:

That's right - we're right smack in the middle of choosing new wall colors. I've been stuck in a rut of warm yellowy-tans, and I'd love to switch the palette up to some pretty grays and taupes. With a new cooler color scheme comes updating the trim. The very, very creamy white that tops the wainscoting and trim throughout the house will be updated to a crisper white to offset the new wall colors.

New wall and trim colors in store!
If only I could choose a color as fast as I can paint.

The project I'm the most excited about is a big one for the kitchen. Here's what the kitchen looks like right now.

We have a lot of cabinet space, both above and below the counters. All of the cabinets are great, but I've loved the look of open shelving for years. I think I've finally convinced my husband to love it, too. Emily at Jones Design Co. has my version of the perfect kitchen.

Image taken from here.

Isn't her kitchen the most perfect thing ever? Doesn't the look of the crisp shelves adorned with beautiful dinnerware make your heart beat a little faster? And her pot rack! I've been admiring hanging pot racks forever, bookmarking lots of pretty ones under my favorites. I think this new kitchen project calls for a new pot rack. I can't wait to rip out some cabinets and get started {... or maybe just watch during the cabinet ripping out part of the project}.

What projects does 2011 have in store for you?


  1. Yes I was just drooling over her kitchen the other day! Divine!

    As for your paint... I know you already have a ton... but have you looked at Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe? I love it. It was in our old MB and I miss it so much I think we'll end up painting our current MB in it as well! It's not to gray, not too cold, but not too warm either. Check it out!

  2. Thanks Tyson! I'll check it out. I've raided both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore over the past week. It always takes me forever to decide.

  3. Love it! I could never pull off an open kitchen because my cupboards are shoved full of stuff :)


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