September 12, 2010

Goodwill Hunting

Here's a little series I will update from time to time, and I'm so excited about this! I love when someone is visiting my home and says, "I love that! Where did you find it?" and I can answer, "Oh that? I picked it up at Goodwill." Everyone's heard of the famous secondhand store, but do you shop there? I get so excited to check out the potential treasures that I can barely stay buckled as we pull into the parking lot. My husband doesn't find it quite as exciting, but he'd rather I spend a couple bucks on a new something or other for our home than $200 (and who wouldn't?).

Most times an item just needs a little cleaning, paint, or nails, and it's good as new, a price I'm willing to pay for something unique to fit our home just right. These are some of the goodies from my most recent trip.

For less than $50.00, I have secured three candlesticks, two (brand new!) wooden mantels, a tiered appetizer platter, a wooden wreath, a new cup for the master bath, a new cup to replace the one that sat atop the water carafe on my nightstand (one of the munchkins broke it way back), a pretty glass tealight candle holder, a cool white cup/dish thing that will look fabulous in the master bath, a pretty silver dish to hold candy, and (not pictured) a huge basket that I plan on displaying in one of the bathrooms to hold towels. Whew! That's quite a haul!

A better look at the silver dish.

Someone received this beauty for Club Woman of the Year in 1969, in case you can't read the inscription on the back. And now it belongs to me! Club Woman of the Year 2010!! Originally marked at $6.99, but purple stickers were half off - WooHoo!

See the new candlesticks in action?

The silver offering plate-looking Woman of the Year dish waits for some of our favorite treats.

The new cup to sit atop my carafe (no, I don't actually use the carafe, but I like it, and it makes me happy).

A bit hard to see, but can you spy our new bathroom cup?

The white dish/vase now sits on a shelf above our master bathroom toilet.
As for the two mantels, large basket, wooden wreath, tealight holder, and tiered appetizer tray? Stay tuned!

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