September 14, 2010

Your Favorite Artist

My kids are constantly begging to paint {who do they get that from?}. And it's a pain to get out the paints, the brushes, the paper, the cups of water, the old shirts, and so on, so usually I try to think of something less time consuming and messy {Why don't you go collect rocks? Lots of them.}. But who am I to deprive my own children of such a gratifying experience, especially when I needed something to fill the empty space on the top of the entertainment center in our family room? Genius!

The nearest Michaels is about 35 minutes away, and it was worth the special trip to pick up four 18x24 inch blank canvases and some extra paint brushes. Paint was not on my shopping list. I don't know what kind of paint artists usually use on canvas, but my artists were going to use house paint because 1. We have tons, and 2. The colors they'd be using were colors used throughout the house - instant match!

Oh how happy were the kids when I announced our new project. I set out five or six brushes and bowls of paint and gave each kid a canvas. My only stipulation was that I wanted the entire canvas covered - no white patches please!

Pure joy!

Look at the texture in this piece!
The finished product? Happy mom and happy kids and happy wall space!

So for less than a total of $30, I have three pieces of original artwork. And, yes, I did say I picked up four canvases. One is tucked away, waiting for the day Louisa says, "I want to paint something."


  1. Iove this idea! Your children's paintings are beautiful. U would love to do this with my kids but when we purchased our new home every room was painted the same color. :-(

  2. Thanks Erin! It was so fun for the kids, and I love having something they did displayed for everyone to see (and in a spot other than the fridge). The Home Depot sells Behr paint samples in tiny little jars for less than $5; that might be a smart way to go. Your kids could dip their brushes right into the little jars, and you could choose colors that match your decor. You might even be inspired to paint your walls some different colors!! :)

  3. I did something just like this! The kids used Crayola Color Wonder paints and they looked so nice with the color we painted our walls that I framed them and hung them in the hall. Then, when we redecorated our bathroom, I got rid of the old picture that no longer fit and needed something to fill the space. I mixed paint to match the new colors and had my kids make me pictures (they LOVE to paint, as well!). They are so proud of their masterpieces in the bathroom!

  4. What a great idea, Sarah! I can see kids' work really fitting well in a hallway and a bathroom. Little ones are so creative; I love seeing what they come up with. I really like displaying their artwork in such an "important" way, and it makes for good converation, too!


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