September 22, 2010

Pretty Fancy Pumpkins

Saw some fabulous ideas the other day. They were a couple of Better Homes and Gardens pumpkins gone glam crafty crafts that I fell in love with. You can find the instructions here and here.

See how fabulous?

I got myself to Michaels ASAP and picked up a few fake pumpkins, spray paint {both black and silver sparkly glitter spray}, sequins, and a fancy {yet spooky} black crow.

I took my pumpkins and my spray paint and last week's newspaper and headed outside to transform some pumpkins. My neighbors have seen me outside with spray paint so often that they probably think we own stock in Krylon.

Here are the pumpkins before, plain and nice, nothing fancy.

And here they are after their makeover.

The crow is my favorite part! A sparkly harbinger of Halloween.
Snazzy! The orange pumpkins each got a couple coats of black spray paint, and all of them received a coat of silver glitter spray. I individually adhered each rhinestone with my hot glue gun; next time I do the project, I'll definitely use some self adhesive jewels, like these.

Pretty fancy pumpkins! I love how fall just keeps creeping into my home.


  1. Those are completely adorable!!! LOVE the blog, you are so creative and giving me all kinds of ideas for my home. need a post dedicated to getting an extremely reluctant husband on board- he's scared of painting wood, and my kitchen cabinets are u-guh-ly!!!!

  2. Fun stuff!! Yes, the crows are popular this year! I saw a white pumpkin in some magazine that was painted with a black glittery spider web and had a neat spider on it (did I just say a neat spider!?! lol!).

  3. Thanks Melanie! And I feel your pain. My husband is reluctant about most of my "great" ideas, too. But I think he knows by now that if I get an idea in my head, he won't stop hearing about it until it's done! I think with ugly cabinets, you really can't go wrong with painting them. Paint + new hardware = new cabinets! If you manage to convince him, send me some pics!!

  4. I am in love with the crows, Tyson; it's ridiculous! I had to stop myself from buying more than one at Michaels, but I think I may go back!

  5. Are these real pumpkins ir the fake ones? I might do this with fake to reuse year after year....great ideas Susie!! Love!

  6. Nicole, they are fake, fake, fake! Michael's had the smaller ones on sale for $5.00 and the large ones for $10.00. Go!!

    P.S. I have a friend who might try the idea with bronzes and brown colors. I can't wait to see how that turns out - sounds rich and cozy!


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