October 17, 2010

You Are Cordially Invited

I'm having a party, and you're invited! Besides painting, decorating, organizing, and creating invitations, announcements, and cards, entertaining friends and family tops my list of most favorite things to do. I go all out for birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, summertime backyard BBQs, and even our annual Murder Mystery with friends. So I'm loving the thought of bringing friends and readers together for an evening of fun, a girls' night in, brought to us by CAbi.

Have you heard of CAbi? CAbi stands for Carol Anderson by Invitation, and it's a different way to shop for clothing. The idea is the same as any other home party, where guests can shop for food, home decor, candles, etc., but CAbi is so great because it's clothing! Yay! The parties work like this. First, our fabulous CAbi consultant, Becky, will show us all the great blouses, sweaters, tees, vests, dresses, skirts, pants, and jeans.

Then, we squeal like girls in college getting ready to go out as we try everything on {In separate rooms, behind closed doors, with the drapes closed, of course - I'm not running a peep show for the neighbors or anything!}. Next, we eat delicious food, drink some wine, give each other tips and tricks for what works and what doesn't and what looks fab and what doesn't quite make the cut. I've been to one of Becky's parties. She is a fashion guru and has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve to make you look hip - even when you're just running to the grocery store for a gallon of milk.


You don't need to commit to buying anything to come to the party. Come. We'll eat, drink, try on clothes, look around the house, see my projects, and talk paint {I think I always manage to talk paint!}. It's a fun way to spend a night with other lovely ladies and possibly score some new clothes!

Details!! This bash is taking place on Thursday, November 11th at 6:30 PM at my home. If you live in the Western Wisconsin area and you're interested in coming, email me at w.design@live.com and let me know how I might know you {a mutual friend, a neighbor} so I have peace of mind that you aren't a killer. If I'm friends with you on Facebook, look for an event invitation. And if I see you from time to time, I may just spring one of these on you:

These are, without a doubt, the fanciest home party invites I've ever seen. I thought I must have made quite the impression on Becky when I met her, but it turns out she has these beauties made up for each and every one of her CAbi hostesses.

Want to come? Great!

1. Email me at w.design@live.com to let me know who you are {remember, no killers!}.
2. Let me know if you're bringing a friend so I can make enough food.

New clothes, fun women, food, and talk of paint - what more could you want?! Hope to see you!

P.S. Look forward to tips and tricks of throwing a fabulous party; I have many to share!


  1. I cannot wait to attend this event! It's going to be so fabulous!

  2. I love to join the the parties . I also like the parties and foods.I am very much conscious about fashion.I am also love white cropped jeans for part dress. I think it was a great festival, Please inform me about the events . I love fashion and trends.


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