October 21, 2010

Having a Spooky Party? Give Yourself a Hand.

Halloween calls for a party, at least we think so in our home. My husband and I host a Murder Mystery every year when the spooky holiday draws near, and this year is no exception.

Serving a large dinner is always part of the tradition {complete with lots and lots of extra goodies}, and sometimes I like to throw a little something extra into the mix, like a frozen hand.

Don't you think your next party needs a frozen hand? And it's such an easy party trick; just remember to prepare at least a day in advance of your get together. Pick yourself up a couple of disposable gloves {powder free!!} and rubber bands {one per glove}. I usually make two frozen hands just in case something bad happens to one. Nothing bad has ever happened to one of my frozen hands, but I like to be prepared, you know?

Just like with any food prep, rinse the inside of the gloves before filling them with water. And remember - powder free! No one wants to drink punch that has acquired a powdery taste as the night goes on. Fill your gloves with water, leaving just enough room at the base to secure with a rubber band.

Pop your gloves into the freezer and forget about them so you can get back to cooking, baking, and cleaning like a banshee.

On the day of your party, just before guests arrive, remove your frozen hands from the freezer, unwind the rubber bands, and cut the gloves free. I run a bit of warm water over the gloves for a few seconds first to help ease the ice away from the gloves. Plop the hands into a bowl of your favorite red punch - pretty easy!

Have fun, have some punch, and give yourself a hand for adding a fun element to your party.


  1. Such a cute and easy idea! It looks awesome in the punch, too. What if you used the punch in the gloves instead and then added a tad of blue and yellow food coloring to make the hand black. Then you'd have a decayed hand spreading through the punch throughout the night, but not dilute the flavor (but I guess it would darken the bowl of punch a bit).


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