December 28, 2010

A Desk for a Boy

I just shared the Goodwill Hunting desk I finished for the girls' room. We've been making a lot of changes to the kids' rooms lately, mostly centered around new beds that my father-in-law agreed to make the kids for Christmas. Charlie was slated to receive a lofted bed, and I planned on putting a large desk underneath it. As luck would have it, the desk for the girls' room had a twin. The same Goodwill {I'm a regular at four} had a matching huge white desk marked at $20 when I bought the identical one for $10. Seeing how well the desk worked in the girls' room, I sent my wonderful husband back to Goodwill to purchase the $20 twin. Guess what? The lovely people at Goodwill had marked down the massive beast to $10. They must have thought if someone had purchased the other huge white one for $10 then they could get rid of this one for $10, too. I would have paid $20, but the $10 price tag made my day.

So home came desk number two, and I went right to work making it just right for Charlie. I gave it a quick coat of primer.

And while the primer dried, I dug out a couple of the colors we used on Charlie's walls. Red would go on the outer walls of the desk and a light brown on the inner ones. Remember that chalkboard paint I never used in the girls' room? It was going to be perfect for Charlie's desk. I painted the top, edges, and back wall of the desk with the chalkboard paint, giving Charlie the perfect place to express his creativity. When the trasformation was complete, Charlie had his own brand new $10 desk.

And just in time for Christmas, my father-in-law finished the beds. He did an absolutely gorgeous job. I can't describe in words how special of a gift he gave to his grandchildren.

Charlie is in love. And his new desk is pretty cool, too. This is what it's been looking like lately.

The girls' beds are finished, too, and theirs are just as breathtaking. I'll be sharing those soon.

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