August 10, 2010

What Have You Spray Painted Today?

Spray paint. It's one of the most marvelous inventions ever. Did you know that you can spray paint absolutely anything? That's what I tell people, anyways. I'm presenting for you a list of things I've transformed with spray paint.

When I was designing the nursery for our third daughter, I knew I wanted a red chandelier to match the deep reds in the rest of her room. I didn't even bother searching for the perfect red chandelier because I found this beauty at The Home Depot. White? That's alright. I'll just fix you up with the perfect shade of red.

And then there's the light fixture in our kitchen. Structurally, it was fine, but I didn't care for the tacky silver tone it. So armed with a can of bronze spray paint, I taped the parts of the light that I didn't want to paint and sprayed the rest.

When I spotted a patio set for our porch a few summers ago, I didn't love the yellow metal framework, but I did love the price. So home with us it came, and it was treated to a black coat of spray paint.

My husband's grandfather wanted to get rid of a little bistro set, telling us to sell it at our garage sale and keep the profits for going to the trouble of taking it off his hands. The table and four chairs were in good shape, but the chipping white paint cried out to me for a makeover. A couple cans of black spray paint later (and after being treated to some new upholstery), we have ourselves a cozy little corner for dining alfresco.


Remember the red nursery? Well, the new babe needed red accessories to match her new red chandelier. I found a pretty outdoor wrought iron piece with birdies on sale at JoAnn's and knew it had to come home with me (I have a soft spot for birds). The birds blended right into the piece, so much that they almost went unnoticed. After giving them a coat of red, they popped right out, being on full display where they belong.

To personalize the space even more, I bought white wooden letters and spray painted them to match the room. After adding embellishments like stick-on crystals, pretty pins, and ribbon, they were set.

Frames, vases, candlesticks, furniture - all grand in their own right. But nothing can top THE FRIDGE. When we remodeled our kitchen and basement, the hubby and I purchased a new fridge. Not wanting our old one to go to waste, we decided we'd put it to use in our new basement bar. It still worked great, after all. One problem - the fridge was definitely dated in appearance. It boasted that wonderful shade of almond, so popular in the 90's. What to do? You guessed it - spray paint! Sure enough, there is spray paint especially for appliances. Oh happy day!

Fridge Before:
                                                       See the almond in all its glory?

                                         Fridge After:

What have you spray painted today?


  1. Well nothing today ;) But I probably have more cans of spray paint then seem normal! Recently we painted a chair in J's room blue AND radiator screens. Yes, radiator screen. We don't have radiators. We do however have an entertainment center in the 2 story family room. I hate being able to see the top of it (and wires & lights) when walking upstairs. So we cut out radiator screens to fit inside the top so the decor lights could still breathe, painted them black! So much better, it was driving me crazy!

    I came across an old post on The Inspired Room where she spray painted demonic looking bunnies all white, they looked awesome! Can't wait to do that.

    I was going to go scour the woods for a nice branch to paint black to use for Halloween. But we're going to be gone for the whole month, so it wouldn't be worth it... next year!

  2. Great ideas Tyson! Seeing the cords on top of the entertainment center would drive me crazy, too. And I keep meaning to paint some branches - maybe black, maybe white?

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